Under The Sink Electric Tankless Water Heater

This is where you will learn all about how to use under the sink tankless water heaters. They are very easy to install and easy to use. This means that your emotional health will be in tact when you understand how to do this right. This is coming soon so stay with us for a few weeks and we’ll have it up and ready to go.

A New Year -2019- is upon us and you know what that means – making new resolutions. As always, we tend to concentrate on personal and professional growth. That is why vast majority resolutions include losing weight or eating healthy. Others include upgrading one’s education and looking for a better paying job.

Well, this New Year, you can change strategies and add a resolution that helps you save money. How? By having an energy efficient home and devices. You may have heard of tankless water heaters. Well, what you found out about the heaters especially the benefits is true.

Tankless water heaters can save you a lot of money on your utility bills. What energy experts have determined is that they can save you up to ⅓ on fuel costs. Aside from fuel costs, they provide a limitless amount of hot water for you and your family. Simply put, a tankless water heater is one of the best investments you will ever make in 2019 and beyond.

As a homeowner, shopping for the right model is a daunting task. Why? Due to its popularity, several companies have produced their own versions. Each version has its own unique features that set it apart from the competition. As a homeowner who has never bought a tankless water heater before, this presents a problem. Due to the availability of several versions, it is difficult for you to make an easy choice.

The good news is that from your search of the best tankless water heater reviews – you have landed in the right place. We’ve done the research for you and compiled the features, pros, and cons of the best four tankless water heaters. Our guide will help you figure out what option suits your needs. As such, you can spend your money wisely. Whether you are in search of a high model or a budget model, one of the tankless water heaters below is the right choice.

Gas vs Electric models

When shopping for a suitable water heater, you will come across gas and electric models. Each version has its own pros and cons. Let’s start with gas models. They are designed to use natural gas which in turn heats the water for your use. Natural gas is cheaper than electricity. So, homeowners stand to save on energy when they choose gas models. Due to the energy savings costs, they are the best choice for large households with high demand.

Although homeowners stand to save, upfront costs are a bit high. The reason for this is that the models require venting. Depending on your home, the installation costs can amount to $300 or more. Another problem with gas models is the rising costs of natural gas. As such, electric models are much affordable to run and maintain.

So, when shopping for a water heater, take into consideration the presence of a gas line to your home. If one is present, then choosing a gas model is ideal but if not, choose an electric model instead.


ln cold areas, lower inlet water temperatures are common. To deal with such an issue, it is wise to purchase a model with a higher flow rate. By doing so, you ensure that your home enjoys constant hot water even during the coldest months.

For those living in warm climate areas, choosing a smaller model is good. Smaller models have a lesser flow rate because they don’t have to work hard to provide hot water for your home. Also, they are perfect for small households and apartments.

Flow rate

All models – gas or electric – have a maximum flow rate measured in gallons per minute (GPM). This is the maximum volume of water the unit is able to heat per minute. For large households with several bathrooms, the best model is one with a higher flow rate. The reason for this is that large households tend to have a higher hot water demand. For instance, family members can be taking a shower while at the same time, someone is washing dishes.

Models with a small flow rate are ideal for small households and apartments. They work efficiently when connected to a showerhead with a low flow rate. The best way to go about using such a model is by setting usage cycles. That is, have time for taking a shower, doing dishes and laundry.

Installation costs

Although gas and electric models can save money, they have significant installation costs. The exact amount varies between models but you can end up paying a contractor $300 or more.

You may attempt the DIY method. But we advise against it. Try it only if you are experienced with electronics especially water heaters. Using this approach without having the right knowledge can result in damage to the unit. Yes, you have the option of following the instruction manual. But if this proves difficult and to avoid damage to the unit, we recommend you hire a certified installer.

Conclusion, Which is the best tankless water heater for you?

We hope that the buying guide and four models reviewed here has given you an idea which model is suitable for your home. To ensure a pleasant shopping experience, we recommend looking at the features.

Yes, the Rheem RTEX 13 is the best and most popular choice but it’s more suitable for small households. The Takagi Tankless Water Heater is right for medium sized households in cold areas. For large households with high hot demand, we recommend the Rheem 9.5 Gas Water Heater.

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