Synthetic Urine and Artificial Pee

The Americans with Disabilities Act has a couple of provisions that could help you. Such as the Americans with Disabilities Act makes it illegal for any employer to test a possible employee without first making an offer of employment. Also, the Americans with Disabilities Act prevents employers from withholding job offers based on the results of an alcohol test.

The American with Disabilities Act has statements that a company or employer can not discriminate against a possible employee based on past drug-related problems. So for those who have been to rehab or had anything with the law that is not a felony, a company cannot hold that against you via the law of the united states.

So as you can see here, there are many ways to possibly defeat a drug test and completely mask anything in your system that need to be masked with the intent to keep a job. My advice to most readers would be to please do your research and understand the laws of which state you are in. Please stay informed as this country is constantly changing its drugs. A lot of the time for the better as the rise of legal marijuana is becoming more and more common. But this will not prevent employers, the company’s from a drug test, and most defiantly this will not stop the government from having a say.

If you are on probation or parole, I strongly advise just not to use illegal drugs while you are being watched by the state. Being in jail is not fun, so please do as your officer instructs. But if you do need to pass a drug test, please be wise in doing so. Believe it or not in this special occasion being honest with your officer can help you, as I know several friends and patients that just have been honest and have had several chances to be prepared for there drug test.

In closing, I want to state this not an invitation to beat the system but more so an invitation to keep your self-educated on all matters. Drugs can be good, and they can be bad, as I personally have seen both sides not only through the eyes of people I know but through my own eyes. As I am a recovered heroin addict but never had the need to pass a drug test due to the fact of the particular substance, I was using and always being caught red-handed. So I will say it again; please stay informed as the laws on drugs are rapidly changing, and know your work rights are often hidden from plain sight. Protect yourself by staying on top of the times and knowing what is out there to help whatever predicament you are in.

Remember there are many tools to help you with passing the drug tests, such as kits and things around your kitchen or easily found in a grocery store. Use synthetic urine to pass a drug test. There are many charts all around the internet that can accurately tell you the timetable of when you will pee clean naturally. Remember you basics, What can help you flush out your system and what can not. Use all your resources and use your logic to understand your body and understand what works for you. Take in mind if you have the means you can always practice taking home test, which isn’t always accurate, but they can be accurate enough to know if the method you choose will be effective enough to pass a lab test administered by your employer or by an officer.

Be safe, careful and mindful of your surroundings and situation. Passing a drug test is only as hard as you make it, don’t over complicate it or do anything risky, as many things are truly unproven and can have a fifty effective rate. I hope my words have helped to look in the right direction that will help you the most in what you need it for. Just don’t incriminate yourself as I hope you have learned is very easy. Please be mindful and accept any and all results you have in the future. Good luck!

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